Contoh artikel Analytical exposition

Beg is not Good for people

I often see people Beg on the street. From children to adult. Many people  working as Beg. But I don’t agree to Beg. Because

First, begging it can make a person lazy and rely on giving to others.

Secondly, can corrupt the view of the city park and place should be clean

Third, can reduce the degree of one’s own.

However, if we see the truth, many beggars have a mobile phone, they save their money on the pocket.

So we should not give money to beggars. The more we give money to them.

So I think it’s better we work with the halal way although only by a small business than Begging

If we are not begging we can take care of the environment is not visible dirty and we can live better.

Finally, in my opinion above. I think begging not good and don’t be a begger


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